Grow your business and serve your customers better. As an independent consultant or representative of a team, you’re ready to take your service and growth to the next level, and our Alliance can get you there.

How it works

how to perform a penetration test

Independent consultants and small boutiques gain the advantage of our extensive network to help find and secure business, refer opportunities to serve clients and earn referral revenue on closed deals. The steps are simple:

  • Contact us with interest in membership
  • Complete a simple membership agreement that covers a code of ethics, subcontracting, referrals and more
  • Complete a skills survey that helps us map opportunities to you from our network
  • Deliver projects or refer leads to earn income, help other independent consultants and work as a team
how to perform a penetration test

Looking for expertise?

IT Security covers a huge range of domains – code, cloud, industrial infrastructure, compliance, privacy, risk assessments and more. With our extensive Alliance we can assist your projects – whether you’re looking for a solution for your company or a member to assist you on a larger project.

“Your company’s security is as strong as your least careful employee.That’s why educating your employees about security risks will be key in the coming years. ”