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Just about every organization, large and small, is concerned about cybersecurity. We all worry about how vulnerable our organization is to a cyber attack and how easy it would be for an attacker to disrupt the operations of our systems, steal data or implant attacks like ransomware that later bring our devices to a full stop. Pentests (short for penetration tests) – sometimes also called ethical hacking – offer a practical way of testing your cybersecurity measures using trained professionals. Regular pentests form an essential part of any cybersecurity program and indeed are mandatory to maintain compliance with various standards such as SOC2 or PCI.
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Cyberware’s Pentest Program

Cyberware offers a wide range of pentest approaches. We assess the severity and risk for each identified vulnerability, then further map them to industry-recognized standards. Pentest projects include a report containing all the findings and observations from the pentest, with evidence, a risk analysis, and recommendations.

Our Pentest Service Includes

Vulnerability scans : This is an entry-level approach that scans your environment for known vulnerabilities in hardware and software, one of the most common entry points for an attacker. If you have not done a pentest before, start

OWASP Application Security Verification Standard (ASVS) Assessments : Take the guesswork out of pentests by applying an industry-standard level of rigor and process. Level 2 assessments include different depths of architecture and code
review to ensure complete coverage of your application.

Level 1 is a strong base meant for lower-risk applications.

Level 2 is for applications that contain sensitive data (financial, health data, personal information), which requires more protection.

Level 3 is for the most critical application – applications that perform high value transactions contain extremely sensitive data or any applications that require the highest level of trust.

Pentests : A full pentest typically includes manual, hand crafted attack techniques as well as automated scans using both commercial and custom developed pentest tools. Full pentests are a more realistic simulation of the activities of a more sophisticated attacker.

Black Box Pentest : Testers ethically attack a system that they have no prior knowledge and interaction with the system. Testers only get to the external user interface. This testing method identifies vulnerabilities in a system that are exploitable from outside the network.

Gray Box Pentest : Testers have access and knowledge levels of a system user. This testing method provides more in-depth assessment on the system and identifies the greatest risks and countermeasures.

White Box Pentest : A sophisticated type of testing that testers act as an internal user with full access to the operation and architecture of the system. This pentest type takes the longest time to complete. It provides a comprehensive assessment of both internal and external vulnerabilities.

Social Engineering Pentest : A type of testing that manipulates staff of a business to disclose sensitive information that is valuable for a future attack. It can be taken place online and offline. This testing method provides an understanding of staff awareness of security issues.

Physical Pentest : Testers attempt to compromise a business’ physical barriers to gain access to employees, systems, and IT assets. This testing method exposes the weaknesses of physical controls, including, locks, cameras, or sensors.

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Choose The Right Pentest For Your Business

To support you with leveling up your business’s cybersecurity, Cyberware works with you to recommend the most effective approach based on the business you are in, the systems you have, your objectives, and your budget for the test. We act as an extended member of your team, walking in your shoes. Do our best to assist you and your team to excel in what you do best.


A penetration test is an authorized attack between two parties where the end goal is to audit, reinforce and harden the requester’s network(s).
The attacking party first needs access to the requesting party’s network(s). After establishing access and signing off on legal work, the attacking party begins enumerating and attacking the requester while staying within the agreed scope.
Different services include different things. Contact support to inquire for a quote.

A penetration test usually ends whenever the agreed time is up or the attacking party has enumerated everything and were able to compromise the network(s).

Contact support for a quote.
Contracted professional trained red teamers typically do penetration tests.

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