Efficient Detection,
Removal and Prevention of Pharming Threats

1. What is Pharming?

  • Pharming uses fake Domain Name System (DNS) Servers to direct consumers to phishing sites. Although the browser will display the correct URL, they will not be on the legitimate server.
  • There are two components to a Pharming Attack – the DNS Server containing the incorrect DNS information for a domain, and the phishing site on an incorrect IP Address.

2. How Pharming Scams Impact Your Brand

  • Pharming is very effective at driving poor brand sentiment if it affects your customers. The attacks make use of a Phishing page that is a direct copy of your company website. When a consumer browses to your site, there are no warning signs that they are on a fake site, like there would be in a normal Phishing attack. By the time they realise their identity or finances have been compromised, your brand is already impacted.

  • The Pharming attack is otherwise known as “Phishing without a lure”. In effect, this means that the infection happens without an email or a file being downloaded to initiate the attack. Whilst spyware or anti-virus programs help combat this for the end user, they do not stop all forms of Pharming. Hardware devices, both local to the consumer or even shared Wifi can be infected, allowing criminals to target large groups rather than just individual consumers.

3. Protect Your Brand Against Pharming

  • The monitoring and takedown services provided by Cyberware International help to minimise any impact your brand may incur due to Pharming. Additionally, we provide advice and guidance which you can share with your consumers and we have tools and services available to further improve the prevention and early detection of Pharming.

  • Cyberware International can identify rogue pharming DNS Servers and the corresponding Phishing site on the fake IP Address.

  • Our Pharming protection services protect your company from Pharming scams and can detect and remove any Pharming attack you’re currently under.