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Test Your Organization’s Defences Against One Of The Most Common And Effective Cyber Security Attacks

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Research Sources Suggest That Around 250 To 300 Billion Emails Are Sent Daily. Symantec And Other It Security Research Sources Suggest That Around 1 In Every 2,000 Emails Sent Is A Phishing Attack Of Some Kind. In Other Words, 135 Million Phishing Emails Are Sent Daily. We All Get Them. End Users Are The Largest, Most Vulnerable Target In Most Organizations. In Realworld Attacks, End Users Are Relentlessly Bombarded With Spear-phishing And Socially Engineered Schemes. Phishing Attacks Grow Every Year, Making An End User Security Awareness Training Program An Essential Part Of Any Serious It Security Strategy.

Cyberware's Phishing Tests Program

Our phishing test campaigns will demonstrate how effectively your employees can resist attacks by simulating a phishing attack on your organization. Employees who understand the threats posed by phishing attacks are less likely to click malicious links, and more likely to report suspicious activity. Our phishing tests can be tailored to suit your needs:

  • We can include all your employees or a subset according to your objectives for the test.
  • Tests Run For A Month With Approximately Two Messages Targeted At Each User Per Week, With A Mix Of Standard And Custom-designed Messages.
  • We Provide Actionable Reporting and Metrics.
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A phishing test is an authorized attack between two parties where the requesting party is attempting to test their employee(s) by stealing credentials or sensitive information.

A phishing test is failed if the requesting party's employee(s) submit their credentials to a fraudulent, fake webpage.
  • For inquiries regarding phishing services, contact support.


A phishing test is performed by creating fraudulent but real looking webpages and contacting the requester's employee(s) in an attempt to steal sensitive information.
Text message phishing is similar to phishing, except that it occurs via text message rather than email. However, the end goal is the same, to steal and obtain sensitive information.
For inquiries regarding phishing services, contact support.
Extremely. Patching and configuring your network are a couple of ways to secure your network. However, a phishing attack can allow an attacker direct access to an internal network(s) and begin causing irreversible damage.
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